Who hires us and why?

Sherpa clients are leaders in growth businesses of 25-500 people who want to build and work in a positive, high performance, and profitable organization. Most of our clients started as entrepreneurs and have now grown to face the inevitable challenges of leading a group of people to work together effectively.

Sherpa clients know that the larger an organization gets, the more difficult it becomes to create a results & customer-focused culture. They know that the time to do it is NOW so that the organization grows on a stable foundation.

Sherpa clients aren’t looking for consultants who come in and tell them what do you and deliver a nicely bound report. Our clients want practical answers to real life concerns and situations.

If you hear yourself saying & thinking things like this, we can help

We didn’t reach our goals … again!

How did that happen?

Haven’t we talked about this problem before?

Do I always have to tell everyone what to do?

I’m tired of hearing excuses.

If this person leaves the company, we’re in trouble.

I don’t have time to follow up with everything.

We were doing great before – the economy just changed.

It’s difficult to find good people.

I’m tired of 12 hour days.

I feel like I spend my days fighting fires.

Our meetings seem like an endless loop of discussions.

Some of the many problems we solve

Not achieving goals

Silos not working together

Feeling like we must micro-manage to ensure that things happen

People not doing what they said they would do

Strategy not linked to measurable action plan

No clear strategy for changing times

Don’t know how to hold people accountable

Feeling like everything falls on your shoulders

Losing sleep worrying about satisfying client demands

Employees not accepting change

People pulling in different directions

What our clients say about Sherpa
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    Sherpa: a wise guide who has been there before; one who leads the way to your goals; a cheerleader along the path and a comforting voice during the storm.
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