We help you build an accountable, results-driven organization

When your company was in its infancy, a handful of people did all the work. Now that you’ve grown, you have a larger team and more headaches. You’re crazy-busy; the juggling is intense. But to achieve your goals, you can’t be pulling all the strings every day. Your team has to step up and lead. It’s our job to make that happen.

What A Sherpa Helps Change

Through our Execution Excellence Program, we’ll help you

  • Build an accountability culture
  • Implement changes that stick
  • Develop a strategy that includes an aligned action plan
  • Track progress toward goals
  • Create high performance teams that work together effectively
  • Set & communicate expectations in manner that produces results
  • Incorporate tools for root problem solving
A Sherpa's Expertise

Your Sherpa Advisor is ...

  • A seasoned executive who has sat in the leadership chair of mid-sized organization and understands the challenges you face
  • A source of trusted input and advice
  • A person who offers a different perspective from those inside the leadership team
  • An executive focused on linking strategy to tactics
  • An advisor to challenge commonly-held organizational assumptions
  • An outsider with whom it’s safe and comfortable to discuss any issue
  • A guide who is totally focused on what’s right for you
Getting Started

The first step in "Execution Excellence"

To guide your company toward Excellence Excellence, we start by assessing the organization's immediate execution issues and longer-term training needs.

  • We start with individual in-person interviews with each member of the leadership team
  • We continue with 1:1 individual interviews with additional key managers who aren’t on the formal leadership team
  • We then develop and present our plan to guide your organization to solve immediate problems and build expertise that will create a more accountable, collaborative, and results-focused culture.
Monthly Execution Guidance

Regular, reinforced training of execution principles tied to the real issues you face right now

Each month, Sherpa will guide your company through

  1. Leadership team meetings that combine 1) teaching of execution principles with 2) applying those principles to the company’s current issues & opportunities.
  2. 1:1 meetings with one (or more) senior leaders. These meetings offer guidance on critical business problems & opportunities coupled with professional growth coaching. If needed, this teaching can include all levels in the organization.

Your Sherpa Advisor is also on call to provide real-time feedback via phone when critical issues or questions arise.

Engagement Details

How we engage with you

  • Our Execution Excellence work is tailored to your company’s specific needs and issues; we can customize the program to provide more (or less) comprehensive services.
  • Our clients are small to midsize companies with 25 to 500 employees, not Fortune 500 companies, meaning we don’t charge Fortune 500 rates!
  • Our service is month-to-month, retainer-based service with NO CONTRACT. If your organization isn’t receiving exceptional value at all times, just cancel — no strings attached.

To begin a discussion, please introduce yourself via our contact page and we’ll set up a time for a no-obligation discussion of your needs and goals.

To begin a discussion, please introduce yourself via our contact page and we’ll set up a time for a no-obligation discussion of your needs and goals.

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    Sherpa: a wise guide who has been there before; one who leads the way to your goals; a cheerleader along the path and a comforting voice during the storm.
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