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I believe Sherpa Advisory has delivered more value than any consultant or firm we have ever worked with. What makes them such great consultants?

  1. Trust – We trust Sherpa. They know what they’re talking about; Jane is one of the most competent people we have ever worked with. And while many consultants try to sell additional services, Jane has never tried to sell us anything above what we originally agreed to.
  2. Team – Most consultants we have worked with have helped on a single project or facilitated a strategic leadership meeting, usually with great success. Yet Sherpa goes way beyond a few days of meetings; they’re on the leadership team helping us change our behaviors to move to the next level. Changing behaviors won’t happen over a few days; Jane coaches us on a weekly basis and constantly encourage us to approach problems in a new way. As a result, we’re seeing significant positive changes in how our organization works.
  3. Goal Oriented – Although we have always set some corporate goals, Sherpa has taught us how to manage toward our goals and ensure success. We now have the leaders and managers create annual goals, set clear process on how they are going to reach their goals, and have measurable milestones along the way.

Overall, Sherpa Advisory has helped us create process to reach our goals and improve the way our organization works and communicates. As a result, we are moving toward a true team environment.

I expect 2009 to be our big breakthrough year with significantly increased profits, sales, and organizational health.

Matt Geller, Chief Operating Officer, GV Financial Advisors, Inc. & GV Capital Management, Inc.

I’ve been sailing boats and businesses for over 25 years and have never run into a navigator as good as Jane Adamson and Rick McPartlin. Much of my confidence comes from having them on my crew.

Larry Lazin, Chief Executive Officer, Global Lighting

Jane Adamson has made us better professionals and better teammates. She has helped me understand my role as CEO of the Company and the responsibilities that come with the position. She has taught us to sit back and understand where we want to be as an organization and given us the courage to stay the course and to live our vision. Jane has given us the tools to become a more profitable organization and, more importantly, has helped create a better workplace.

Richard Shapiro, CEO, Richard M. Shapiro CPA

Jane and Rick provided our firm, Soilworks, both a framework for Strategy Planning but facilitated an interactive and productive session to help us create our plan. We were able to create an unbelievable Vision, Mission and Brand Promise that truly inspired the owners, executives AND the team. With their expertise, experience and insights, they provided us with powerful tools for us to create a plan for tremendous success. I would recommend  Jane and Rick to any company who needs a powerful, innovative and structured process to replicate the creation of a disciplined plan year after year. Soilworks now has more clarity and alignment for our future. We are confident our path for success is more achievable that ever before.

Cynthia Wrasman, COO, Soilworks

Having great strategy, leadership and people don’t mean much if a company can’t execute.  Effective execution is lacking in most mid size companies and I know few people as passionate and practical on the subject as Jane Adamson.

Lee Benson, President/CEO, Able Group of Companies

We recently partnered with Jane Adamson and Rick McPartlin for their expertise on execution in the market. They immediately engaged our leadership team with their knowledge, active listening, and kept the team on point for solutions for a solid two days. We’re off to an excellent start to achieve the ideal execution we need for success in our marketplace.  I would recommend Jane and Rick to any Executive Team that believes execution is a constant improvement process.

Paul Folkert, Area Vice President, Rehab Without Walls, a Gentiva Company

Jane really helped us in the step-by-step realisation of our strategic plan. She managed to teach us how to get things done with our limited resources. Needless to say, we strongly recommend working with Jane and Rick as without their involvement we would not be where we are right now.

France Côté, Associée / Partner, Agente de brevets / Patent Agent

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    Sherpa: a wise guide who has been there before; one who leads the way to your goals; a cheerleader along the path and a comforting voice during the storm.
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