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Busting the Core Values Myth

Too often, value statements are no more than vague ideals that are impossible to measure, and even harder to implement. Millions of dollars and an unimaginable number of employee hours have been wasted on the hypocrisy of “core value statements.” Consultants and company leaders form committees and convene at off-site meetings to carefully craft the [...]

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Tackling the Dreaded Conversation

You know the one. It’s the difficult conversation you need to have with an employee who isn’t doing the job, or causing a problem, or doesn’t play well with others. The one that keeps you up at night and causes your stomach to feel like the butterflies inside you are learning the Latin rhumba. The number of excuses you’ve come up with to evade the issue is a testament to your creativity.

That perfect set of circumstances that you’re waiting for is simply not going to happen. And you know that the longer you wait, the worse things get and the more difficult the issue becomes to address. So instead of procrastinating and suffering, have the conversation! The key is to prepare in 3 separate steps.

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The Accountability Conundrum

We hear it all the time … that dreaded phrase … the one that conjures up fear, trepidation, annoyance, irritation …

“We need to hold people accountable!”

It’s a loathsome missive, this “accountability.” It’s so packed with emotional land mines that just talking about it is like skating across spring ice. Being HELD accountable feels like being blamed, and HOLDING SOMEONE ELSE accountable is annoying.

Of course, we can’t just ignore the problem and hope it will go away. Instead, let’s improve the concept!

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