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Steve Jobs Challenged Us To Believe

What do you believe in? There are an abundance of articles and incessant talk about corporate vision and values. In fact, it seems as though every annual strategic planning session devotes some time to reviewing or revising those beliefs. And yet how many leaders actually run the company, AND make decisions, AND plan the path, AND focus the organization every day based on THEM?

Steve Jobs did. And while in his role as Apple CEO, he gave us all the gift of demonstrating those beliefs in everything the company did and said and produced.

Jobs demonstrates his beliefs every day

Jobs believed

…that the status quo should be challenged
…that design and beauty mattered
…that simplicity is best
…that excellence should be expected
…that focus means saying no to 100 other good ideas
…that customer value = monetary value
…that thinking differently is imperative

Are you using your leadership pulpit to proclaim? To support? To lead?

If you’re interested in how to inspire through your beliefs, here’s a great TED talk from Simon Sinek.

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