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Welcome to the Sherpa Journal! Once a month, we’ll publish tools, suggestions, and observations for helping leaders get results. The focus will be on HOW — how to develop team and individual responsibility, how to problem solve effectively, how to meet and exceed established goals, and how to keep your brand promises.

The perfect time to prepare for such a journey is before the company gets much larger. As size and complexity build up, it becomes more and more difficult to build the foundation for success. Wise leaders look for a guide who has been there before and knows the traps and pitfalls that await the climbers.

Research has pointed to the alarming truth—90% of strategies fail due to poor execution. Why? Because EXECUTION IS HARD. That’s why this journey isn’t for just any company…it’s only  for the ones that want to be exceptional. We know daily fires and urgent demands consume leaders’ attention and divert them from the disciplined work of creating the foundation for a results-focused organization. There isn’t one single answer or one single tool that will get the job done.  Execution excellence doesn’t just happen. Like a climber preparing to scale the Himalayas, business leaders must know where they’re going, assemble the right team, provide the right resources, teach the critical skills, train for fitness, and encourage perseverance.

Don’t get left behind at basecamp because your competitors are making the climb. Please join us on the journey to the top. Subscribe to receive the Sherpa Journal each month!

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  • Bob Sheppard


    Enjoyed the couple articles I have read. The information is right on!!! It will be required reading for all my supervisors!!! Don't stop!!!!

    • Jane Adamson


      Thanks for the encouragement Bob. You exactly targeted the intent of these posts....to provide management teams with meaningful discussion topics. As the saying goes, it's critical for management and leadership teams to spend time working ON the business and not just IN the business.


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    Sherpa: a wise guide who has been there before; one who leads the way to your goals; a cheerleader along the path and a comforting voice during the storm.
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