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A Strategic performance evaluation tool that can help organizations take mission & values off the wall and into everyday work lives.  Execution Excellence depends on every individual knowing exactly what the organization expects of them and what they need to do to succeed.


Our Customers’ Challenge

Our customers want to optimize their profitability and grow their business. They know that the performance of their leaders and employees is critical to those ends but lack an evaluation system that drives that performance. In the US, 70 out of 100 employees are essentially “checked out”.  Engage those employees by showing them how to win.

The Evaluate To Win Solution

ETW is an employee performance evaluation system designed by businesspeople, for businesspeople. It creates a bridge between the needs of the business and the needs of the individual to form a positive and aligned work environment.

Drive Results by:

  • Linking performance standards with behavior & culture standards
  • Creating visibility for both expectations and scoring criteria
  • Implementing a feedback loop that helps employees succeed
  • Providing leadership with a graphic dashboard for continuous improvement
  • Aligning the entire organization to the company strategy & plan
For more information about ETW, or to see a more detailed demonstration of the tool, please contact: janeadamson@sherpaadvisory.com 

Visit the Evaluate To Win website at:



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