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What we believe

  • We believe that profitable revenue depends upon consistently keeping promises to customers, employees, and each other.
  • We believe that how we do things is as important as what we do.
  • We believe that responsibility for results is a cultural imperative.
  • We believe that if management solves employee problems, employees will solve customer problems.
  • We believe that if senior management doesn’t change, neither will anyone else.
  • We believe that simpler is better.
  • We believe that quality and value is defined strictly by the customer.

Sherpa Advisory was founded for mid-size companies by a former leader of mid-size companies. Founder and CEO Jane Adamson understands firsthand the challenges of growing a small, tightly-knit entrepreneurial organization into a stable, long term, highly profitable company. The days of a small team of dedicated employees doing “whatever it takes” naturally transitions to the complexity of larger numbers of people keeping track of a greater number of issues. The mid-size company is born out of early entrepreneurial success.

Meet founder Jane Adamson

Jane Adamson is the founder and CEO of Sherpa AdvisoryJane Adamson is committed to leading and developing an organization to achieve superior results. She has the unique ability to view business globally, while focusing employees on the details and teamwork necessary for strategic success. She has been the president of two manufacturing/service organizations, sat on industry and professional boards, orchestrated the successful turnaround of a financially distressed organization, and  implemented numerous performance management processes. She founded Sherpa Advisory, located in Phoenix, Arizona, to guide companies through the growth stages that require mid-size companies to “do” all the things that large companies do, but with limited resources. Company survival depends upon its leaders and members learning the skills of providing clear focus, team problem solving, implementing change, and executing for results.

Strategic Partners

Wayne Nelson

Wayne was the former VP of Human Resources for American Express and Senior VP for Human Resources at the Western region of Chase Manhattan Bank.  Wayne was a key member of the team that designed and  implemented the Quality Customer Service Program that was the model for quality throughout American Express and featured in a number of management books.  He has prepared organizations for ISO 9000 certification and designed continuous improvement programs.

Rick McPartlin

Rick has spent 20 years focused on his passion of “Revenue Generation” as a science. He has spoken at professional conferences, industry groups, and business forums. During his career, Rick spearheaded major product launches, been a national sales manager in the industry leading CAD/CAM engineering company, formed a national consulting company in launch management, and developed several trademarked sales tools and systems models.

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