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delivered results despite obstacles?

Are you frustrated because — even though you have good, dedicated employees — commitments aren’t met, the company doesn’t hit goals, and people seem to be running in place? Would you rather lead a high-performing, accountable, engaged organization and achieve greater profitability?

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We’ll help you master “Execution Excellence.”



A strategic plan is worthless if employees can’t connect the dots between the strategy > why it matters > how they get there > what success looks like. We’ll help you draw clear maps that help teams contribute their drive, intellect and creativity to achieve results. [more]


High Performance Teams

Great teams must work cooperatively, pull in the same direction, and support each other rather than work in silos. We’ll help you motivate and drive individuals to surpass goals while enjoying the satisfaction of achievement and teamwork. [more]



Execution is a discipline with tools, teachable skills, and process. We’ll help you implement change efficiently, solve root problems so they stop reappearing, and create a culture that takes responsibility for outcomes. [more]

Most organizations know WHAT to do. It’s the HOW that trips them up. Let Sherpa Advisory guide your company toward EXECUTION EXCELLENCE.

What our clients say

  • I believe Sherpa Advisory has delivered more value than any consultant or firm we have ever worked with.
    Matt Geller, COO, GV Financial Advisors, Inc. & GV Capital Management, Inc.
  • Effective execution is lacking in most mid-size companies and I know few people as passionate and practical on the subject as Jane Adamson.
    Lee Benson, President/CEO, Able Group of Companies
  • I would recommend Jane and Rick to any executive team that believes execution is a constant improvement process.
    Paul Folkert, Area Vice President, Rehab Without Walls, A Gentiva Company
  • Jane Adamson has taught us to sit back and understand where we want to be as an organization and given us the courage to stay the course and live our vision.
    Richard Shapiro, CEO, Richard M. Shapiro CPA
  • I would recommend Jane and Rick to any company who needs a powerful, innovative and structured process to replicate the creation of a disciplined plan year after year.
    Cynthia Wrasman, COO, Soilworks
  • I’ve been sailing boats and businesses for over 25 years and have never run into navigators as good as Jane Adamson and Rick McPartlin.
    Larry Lazin, Chief Executive Officer, Global Lighting

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Sound familiar?

If you find yourself saying these things, we can help!

  • “We didn’t reach our goals again."
  • “I told them what to do - why aren’t they doing it?”
  • “I feel like I spend my days fighting fires.”
  • “I’m tired of hearing excuses.”
  • "I thought hiring this new manager would help.”
  • “How did that happen?”
  • “Haven’t we talked about this problem before?”
  • “Do I have to tell everyone what to do? They should know.”
  • “If this person leaves the company we’re in trouble.”
  • “I don’t have time to follow up with everything.”
  • “Our strategy was good. What happened?”
  • “We were doing great before. The economy just changed.”
  • “It’s difficult to find good people.”
  • “I’m tired of 12 hour days.”



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